Be cool, Toronto: Ontario’s capital having a moment as world’s latest ‘It’ city — which even Montrealers admit

My favorite city in the world !!!! I Never doubted Toronto’s “it” factor !!! thanks for a Montrealer to finally recognize that Toronto is cooler !! 🙂

National Post | News


Marie-Claude Lortie, a columnist at La Presse in Montreal, posed a question the other day that no Québecois has dared ask: “Toronto plus cool que Montréal?” Translation, for those who need one: Is Toronto now cooler than Montreal?

Toronto’s presumed ranking on the coolness scale has been stuck for years below New York (bigger and more fun) and Montreal (smoked meat, respectable bagels and a decent hockey team) and others besides. Now there is change afoot.

On Monday La Presse published Ms. Lortie’s guidebook, Carnet d’une urbaine à Toronto — Notebook of a Downtowner in Toronto. It is packed with her breathless descriptions of funky boutiques and mouth-watering delicacies.

And she is not alone in her glowing review.

Libération, the Paris newspaper, last week proclaimed “Toronto-mania,” noting, “Toronto is seducing young Canadians.” Writing on the BBC’s web site, journalist David Allan asked, “When Did Toronto Get…

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